Sun, sea, sand, salt water, natural herbs and thermal springs: the Greek recipe to relieve stressYour eyes are closed.

You’re surrounded by golden sand, as the breeze dries the drops of seawater on your skin while the sun warms your back. Slowly, very slowly, the voices of stress, worry and anxiety become whispers, until they’re muted by the sound of the sea. You are calm, relaxed, your senses have awakened and you leave yourself to be tended to by experienced hands: hammams, massages, invigorating drinks made from natural herbs, and treatments with products made from natural materials.
You are reborn. Your skin glows. The signs of fatigue have diminished. Here, time becomes an ally not an enemy and with every moment that passes you feel increasingly vibrant, young, cheerful and alive. Your mind is at peace.

You are here to understand the truth in the saying of the ancients: A healthy mind is a healthy body!!

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, was the first to discover the therapeutic virtues of seawater by observing the beneficial effects it had on the injured hands of the fishermen.
Already, a great number of luxurious hotel units throughout Greece feature most contemporary thalassotherapy and spa centres, with excellent equipment and well-trained personnel. They include daily bathing in a heated seawater pool with jets and other facilities such as hydro-massages, aromatherapy or algae wraps. Thalassotherapy is the associated and simultaneous use of the beneficial effects of the seawater and its components, while the sea algae impart many beneficial effects out of the therapeutic virtues of seawater.
The number of thalassotherapy and spa centers increases every day, especially in the luxury hotels and resorts in Greece. There is also a great number of luxury hotels spa and wellness spa hotels, that offer a variety of beauty, wellness and sport programs, with or without thalassotherapy.

The treatment programs at most hotels include a combination of seawater, algae and mud, to maximize the benefit that the human body can get from the marine environment. Thalassotherapy has many more beneficial effects, including relaxation, stress management, muscle and skin restoration, even weight control. Most importantly, it aims to improve health and it identifies with the simultaneous implementation of a balanced and healthy diet program.

Characterised by its dependable sunshine full of bracing, restorative powers, Greece’s coastal climate contributes to the creation of an ideal environment for the application of thalassotherapy treatment programs, so as the greek thalassotherapy centers and spa in the greek luxury hotels to be as good as those abroad. In this way Greece will become a unique destination for those who are interested in SPA HOTELS, WELNESS SPA HOTELS, therapeutic tourism and health tourism in general.

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