Sun, sea, sand, salt water, natural herbs and thermal springs: the Greek recipe to relieve stress

Your eyes are closed. You’re surrounded by golden sand, as the breeze dries the drops of seawater on your skin while the sun warms your back. Slowly, very slowly, the voices of stress, worry and anxiety become whispers, until they’re muted by the sound of the sea. You are calm, relaxed, your senses have awakened and you leave yourself to be tended to by experienced hands: hammams, massages, invigorating drinks made from natural herbs, and treatments with products made from natural materials.

You are reborn. Your skin glows. The signs of fatigue have diminished. Here, time becomes an ally not an enemy and with every moment that passes you feel increasingly vibrant, young, cheerful and alive. Your mind is at peace.

You are here to understand the truth in the saying of the ancients: A healthy mind is a healthy body. The ancient Greeks knew very well the importance of the balance between mind and body, and they knew how to utilise the country’s bountiful natural resources to further health and happiness. Among these were the hot and mineral springs whose healing waters still soothe chronic complaints at no less than 850 spots scattered throughout Greece. The natural setting near the sea works its wonders, too.

In the ultra-comfortable facilities of the wellness resorts and high-end spa hotels, you’ll luxuriate in therapies in exquisite scenery; you’ll experience a holistic revival by joining in activities – yoga, scuba diving, biking and trekking – and you’ll discover the ingredients of a long and carefree life: serenity, tranquility, balance and the justly famous Greek diet of pure, health-giving products.

Spas & retreats in Greece

In every corner of Greece, from Crete to Halkidiki and from the Greek islands to the Peloponnese, in luxury hotels and resorts, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in care, in true Mediterranean manner: spas with hammams, hydromassage and thalassotherapy, gyms, and the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Organic Greek products, seasonal fruit and local herbs, become the basis of a detoxifying regime that will make you feel like another person in just a few days. Personalised attention is a tradition: creams made from special oils with incredible aromas caress your skin and leave you feeling revitalised, refreshed.

If you wonder who will provide the care and services for your relaxation and rejuvenation, the answer lies in the many seaside luxury resorts that exist throughout Greece. You have dozens of diverse spas to choose from: dramatic ones in Santorini, dreamlike ones in Mykonos, or set in large, luxury resorts in places like Elounda on Crete, Messinia and other parts of the Peloponnese, Halkidiki, Rhodes, Edipsos, Arachova under Mt Parnassos, the Athenian Riviera and even the centre of Athens.

Thermal springs in Greece

In Greece, well-being has a long history. From antiquity to today, numerous thermal springs in the country have alleviated ailments, revitalising the body and the mind, stimulating and relaxing the body and soul. According to the Special Committee for the Protection of Natural Mineral Springs, there are 20 recognised thermal springs in country today: Vouliagmeni Lake (Attica), Kammena Vourla, Krinides (Kavala), Loutraki-Pozar (Aridea), Souroti and Thermi (Thessaloniki), Kanistra (Kassandra, Halkidiki), Kallithea (Rhodes), Loutraki-Perahora (Corinth), Paranesti (Drama), Yialtra Edipsos, Hanopoulos (Arta), N. Apollonia (Volvi), Papaioannou (Edipsos), Traianoupoli (Evros), Thermae Sylla and Diamanti-Pepona (Edipsos), Agios Fokas (Kos), Agrapidia (Florina) and Frini Skourtanioti (Edipsos) as a most recent addition.

Each landscape, as if chosen by nature herself, stands out for the beauty and tranquillity that it exudes. Next to the sea, inside lush green forests on mountainsides with waterfalls, rivers and lakes, you’ll rediscover a priceless peace. Built near the hot springs, wellness resorts in Greece tap the wonders of nature to provide you with a range of specialised services and treatments. At the same time, special schools and programmes offer yoga lessons, tai chi and meditation, in locales with exceptional beauty combined with powerful energy.

Wellness: the power of nature

Wellbeing isn’t just relaxation. All sorts of activities await you throughout Greece, where a myriad of landscapes and ecosystems create infinite options for activities on land or at sea. Surfing, canoeing and kayaking, rafting, mountain climbing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, scuba diving, canyoning and trekking along paths of exceptional beauty provide unique rejuvenating powers.