At Rallis Travel we’re experts at creating tailored holidays, whether it’s a honeymoon on a picture-perfect beach in Mykonos or a cultural exploration in Νorth Greece. Our Personal Travel Expert are passionate about crafting itineraries that reflect each customer’s individual requirements and provide you with the most reliable information Same sex travel is no different, however we understand there are a few more considerations to take into account when you’re choosing your holiday destination. Laws and attitudes around the world vary considerably and constantly altering. Our Travel Expert provide you with the most reliable information within Greece.
There are certain places where you may or may not be happy to travel depending on your personal feelings. We can guide you on travelling to those places where travel is possible with a few considerations, however here are a few of our favourite LGBT-friendly destinations and holiday types to inspire you.

Our recommendations for the best places to visit in Greece

The Greek islands are among the top summer holiday destinations worldwide, because of their incredible weather, stunning beaches and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Though in Greece people tend to have a more conservative attitude, in the past few years there has been a positive change towards gay and lesbian couples coming to the country for holidays.
Many beautiful islands have developed an organized gay and lesbian tourism, with several gay-friendly hotels, gay bars and shows as well as gay cruises. Here are our suggestions for the top gay islands & cities in Greece.


Ιs by far the top among the gay islands in Greece, accepting a large LGBT audience every summer. This stunning island is about 3-5 hours from Athens by ferry and is a perfect gay and lesbian destination, as it has an organized gay nightlife with upbeat gay bars and clubs, gay-friendly beaches and hotels. Renowned for its great natural beauty, charming sunset and wild party scene, Mykonos offers chances for relaxing, romantic and lively holidays.


The second most gay-friendly island in Greece, Santorini is one of the most romantic destinations all around the world, famous for the magnificent sunset, the impressive caldera and extraordinary volcanic beaches. It’s not just the dramatic landscape with the volcano and the steep cliffs but also the overall luxurious and elegant character that emerges from the iconic island. Locals are very welcoming to all, accepting the gay and lesbian audience equally.
Although there is not an organized gay and lesbian life on the island, many hotels and entertainment venues are totally gay-friendly.
The island is mainly visited by couples and honeymooners and is a perfect choice for magical wedding ceremonies. It has a romantic and somewhat tranquil atmosphere, compared to the neighbouring island of Mykonos. If you are interested to visit both islands, you can easily hop to Mykonos with a ferry to Santorini There are frequent ferry connections between Santorini and Mykonos in summer season.


Although understated, gay life in Paros is a great choice for those seeking a comfortable and cosmopolitan environment away from wild partying. LGBT visitors are mostly welcome in the island of Paros, However there are no exclusively gay bars or hotels. Instead, there are mixed clubs for all preferences and gay-friendly cosy hotels. Half an hour from Paros you can find the small island of Antiparos with the relaxed lifestyle and the frantic bars. Paros can be reached by ferry from Athens and also from other close islands.


The vibrant and never sleeping capital of Greece, features the most organized gay scene in the country with gay bars, clubs & restaurants, saunas, shopping areas and several cruising spots.
Gazi area (metro station: Kerameikos) and Agias Eirinis Square (metro station: Monastiraki), are the top gay areas in Athens, where most of the highly popular gay hotspots are located.
If you are staying in Athens but want a quick escape from the city, you can take a short daily trip to one of the nearby islands such as Kea and Aigina which is located just an hour away by ferry. Are beautiful places which will give you a satisfying dose of the traditional Greek island character.


In the north of Greece, the second largest city of the country, Thessaloniki, is gradually gaining a reputation as ‘the Gay Capital of Balkans’. Thessaloniki is a beautiful, romantic and cozy city, with a quite organized gay life.
Most of the gay hotspots are located in the city centre, however not in a specific spot.But Thessaloniki is flirty and friendly all around the center, and in the numerous cafés, bars and restaurants you will most probably see guys to flirt – maybe you are one of them?
If you visit Thessaloniki during Summer, you should not miss to spend some days in Halkidiki, the nearby peninsula with the paradise-like sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters and the breathtaking natural landscapes.


Over the last few years, one of the most beloved destinations for gay travellers in Greece, is Crete, an island which many think of as conservative due to its traditional character. However, this is not entirely true, since Gay Crete introduces a new way of gay travelling: the ‘Gay Adventure Holidays’ type.
Crete is a large island, however the majority of gay travelers choose to spend most of their holidays within the county of Heraklion. Within the city of Heraklion, you can even find some gay friendly bars for relaxing drinks and socializing.

The biggest gay attraction in Crete is the several gay beaches around the island. The most popular one is called ‘Sarantaris beach’ and is close to Hersonissos region. At the same area, you will also find gay friendly hotel, which hosts the popular Saturday Night Parties as well as barbecue gatherings during lazy Sunday noons.
Our suggestion for Crete is to spend 2-3 days near each big city (Chania, Rethimnon, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos), since each one of them has a distinctive character and something different to offer to you. For your accommodation, we will help you to find many gay-friendly hotels in Crete, and if you consider yourself a luxury traveler, then we recommend top luxury hotels in the famous Elounda area.


Rhodes island attracts thousands of gay travellers annually, and more particularly, during the hot summer months. The island has a high level of gay acceptance – slightly higher than the other Greek Islands – with numerous gay-friendly hotels and businesses across it where you can socialise with other gay men.

The overall romantic atmosphere of Rhodes puts you in the mood for truly memorable gay holidays, whether you are single or partnered. The island’s Medieval architecture featuring narrow paved streets and Venetian Castles will absolutely charm you.
You will not find any exclusively gay clubs or bars, but keep in mind that all venues are gay-friendly. The most gay-popular bars and clubs can be found around the towns of Lindos and the Chora of Rhodes. In the meantime, Rhodes’ versatility makes it an ideal option for alternative holidays as well. There are several gay- friendly hotels, resorts and villas in Rhodes that will take care of everything to make you feel comfortable, welcome and relaxed.

The destination is packed with gorgeous secluded and organised beaches. Either you are a sport enthusiast or in need for a romantic escape, Rhodes has it all. Beaches like Faliraki, Kalithea and Kato Petres are just some of the beautiful gay-friendly treasures portraying the unique beauty of Rhodes.


Zakynthos (or Zante), is a beautiful island in the western parts of Greece, mainly known for the fabulous ‘Navagio’ beach with the turquoise waters – one of the most famous beaches in the world.
Gay life in Zakynthos is not organized and you will probably find few nudist beaches. Rallis Travel is here to recommend the best beaches. However, Zakynthos remains one of the top favourite destinations for gay travellers in Greece, with Italians and English visitors covering the vast majority.
While in Zakynthos, make sure to try the amazing gastronomy of the island. Ask for the local delicacies of ‘Sartsa’ (casserole beef), ‘skordostoumbi’ (aubergines blended with large quantities of garlic), and ‘rabbit stew’.

3 islands for gay couples in Love: Folegandros, Milos & Skiathos

Gay couples in honeymoon (or simply, Gay couples in love), tend to seek destinations that are characterized by their natural beauty, their tranquility and – of course – romantic aura. In addition to Santorini, which is in fact one of the Top Honeymoon destinations in the world, Greece has several other islands, smaller and less popular, that are highly recommended for your ‘voyage d’ amour’.


Folegandros is one of the most picturesque islands in Greece. A tiny island which boasts for its amazing beaches,the breathtaking landscapes as well as its local culture. What is truly amazing about this magical place is that it always manages to surprise the gay couples with its fabulous gay friendly hotels with the impeccable service and excellent staff. These small, boutique hotels of Folegandros are real gems and the best choices for your relaxing and comfortable holidays.


Milos island is a similar place to visit, though not so popular to gay travelers – at least not yet. Over the past few years, a significant increase of gay couples who choose Milos for their honeymoon trip or their romantic summer holidays has been noticed, giving to more and more people the opportunity for enjoying the mind-blowing beauty of the island.


Let’s change the scenery: Skiathos is an all-green island with amazing beaches, very different from the characteristic landscape of Cyclades islands (such as Mykonos, Santorini or Milos).
Being a little bit northern, Skiathos belongs to the Sporades complex the most cosmopolitan island and is an excellent choice for gay couples who are looking for untouched nature and amazing beaches with crystal clear waters create a romantic environment .
Skiathos offers a lot of opportunities for gay and lesbian couples and singles, although gay entertainment is unorganized. The most famous gay beach is Little Banana.

Rallis Travel is here for you, recommending LGBT destinations & hotels in Greece !!!